Why Your Breaker Keeps Tripping & How to Fix It

Does your circuit breaker keep tripping more than usual? When a circuit breaker trips more than just once, it can be a sign that there is an issue in your electrical system. Because electrical issues pose such a danger to you and your home, it’s important not to waste any time in learning what the problem is with your breaker. Take a look at three common reasons breakers trip repeatedly from CMC Electric.


When power capacity of a circuit is exceeded, that causes an electrical short. This happens when your circuit is designed to only handle, say, 20 amps of electricity, and you run 25 amps on it. Your circuit breaker trips in this scenario to protect against overheating. Overheating circuits bring with them a whole host of issues such as fire, so finding faulty ones quickly is crucial.

The easiest way to solve an overload problem is to redistribute your electronics on the circuit that keeps tripping the breaker. If it’s a regular occurrence, it should be fairly easy to figure out what electronics or appliances are causing the problem. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that all of your high-power electronics are on their own dedicated circuits when possible.

Short Circuits

When a hot wire touches a neutral wire, the resulting surge of current is called a short circuit. Hot wires are never supposed to touch neutral wires. Short circuits not only trip breakers, but they spark, smell like smoke, and can cause fires if left unchecked. It’s critical that as soon as you detect the possibility of a short, you replace the cable in question or you report it to your electrician immediately.

Short circuits in wiring have many different causes. A loose wire here or there, a wire that’s slipped off of a terminal, and mice chewing through cable insulation are just a few examples. Because of the fire hazard short circuits can create, it’s important that you pay attention when your breaker trips repeatedly.

Ground Faults

When a hot wire touches a grounded portion of junction box, appliance, or device, it causes a ground fault, which can result in a breaker to trip. Ground faults are much like short circuits in that when they happen, they cause a high power load that electrical systems cannot compensate for.

To find the cause of a ground fault usually entails some digging. The best places to look are in cable junction boxes, where this issue is most common. In most cases, this issue is a simple fix, only involving a separation of two wires.

Keep Your Breaker from Tripping with CMC Electric

Trying to find the cause of your tripped breaker can be hard and dangerous. Don’t take on the challenge alone. With the help of the experts at CMC Electric, you’ll have the qualified staff by your side to get to the root of the problem and fix it fast. Why settle for a breaker that keeps tripping when you can get results fast? Just request service now get started now!