Should I Install a Ceiling Fan If I Have AC?

Jul 15, 2019

Ceiling fans: should you even install one if you have AC? Probably not, right?

You would think so, yet there are benefits to ceiling fans you may not know about, both for the summer months, and year-round.

Obviously, there’s the reduced energy costs you receive with ceiling fans use They are much cheaper as far as those monthly utility bills go, and after running your AC all day, they’re a great way to keep the cool air flowing through your house at night without spending a lot of money. However, ceiling fans help concentrate air in a way air conditioning can’t, too. When people walk in and out of your house, your AC is naturally going to be less effective. Running a ceiling fan in the kitchen or living room during a big gathering can help mitigate air loss. In fact, running a ceiling fan lowers the temperature of the average room by as much as 4-5 degrees. On top of this, ceiling fans can also cool down outdoor spaces too—consider that running AC on your patio would just be a waste of energy, but putting a ceiling fan out there is extremely effective. And in many cases, they can drive away insects, too!

All of this is great news for summer, but did you know that ceiling fans can help control your temperature in winter, too? That’s right; ceiling fans allow you to keep your thermostat higher in the summer and lower in the winter. This is because they circulate warm air in addition to cool air, meaning your thermostat or AC won’t have to work as hard, and you can save even more money!

So remember, by installing a ceiling fan you can:

Improve cooling during the summer

Switch directions to help with your heating during winter

Reduce energy consumption year-round

Add a great centerpiece or touch of décor to your house

Increase lighting and warmth in any room

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